7 Inappropriate Comments Bisexuals Just Can’t Hear Anymore


For some reason, when people hear you’re bisexual, they feel an uncontrollable urge to give their input about your sexual identity. Here are a few things that make my bisexual vagina dry.

1. “So basically you’re half gay?”

No, you’re half bisexual! Bicecream anyone?

2. “I was also bisexual before I came out as gay!”

You mean you thought you were bisexual. Bisexuality is a real sexual orientation, not a phase.

3. “Does your partner know you’re bisexual?”

Yes, of course my partner knows!
source: gph.is/1eJYcop

4. “I could never date a bisexual. I’d be constantly worried they’d leave me for the opposite sex.”

That’s like saying you’re with a brunette and being scared your partner will leave you for a blonde. They could also leave you for someone of the same sex, you know?
source: reactiongifs.com/rolling-eyes

5. “You’re bisexual? I hope you’re not gonna hit on me!”

No thanks, I have standards.
I have standards

6. “Bisexuals are just greedy!”

Loving a person despite their gender does not make you greedy, it makes you awesome!

7. “So do you have lots of orgies?”

I wish! Do you?
Source: news-entertainment.net/can-the-good-wife-fill-the-kalinda-void

Bisexuality is real!


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