A Family Affair


“A Family Affair” has been called, “My Big Fat Lesbian Jewish Wedding!” This good old-fashioned lesbian romantic comedy follows Rachael as she heads West to California and falls head over heels for a blond massage therapist.

Died-in-the-wool New Yorker Rachel moves to San Diego looking for a new life and a new romance. That’s where her supportive PFLAG parents live. Rachel is surprised to find how they’ve adapted to the laid back California scene, and totally shocked when her mom wants to set her up on a blind date. At first she refuses, but eventually Rachel lets her mother introduce her to Christine.

“A good old-fashioned love story.” – San Francisco Chronicle


About Author

Lizzy the Lezzy

I'm Lizzy the Lezzy and I'm out and proud lesbian and atheist! I started my career doing stand up comedy on Youtube, then moved to Facebook where I am now a massive lesbian.

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