A Map for Love


A Map For Love is an intimate drama evolving around three main characters: an adult woman, her mother and her female lover. Two days in their lives occur in two opposing settings — everyday life in the demanding metropolis of Santiago, Chile and on a sailboat trip cruising a beautiful bay.

The three characters remain trapped in a claustrophobic confrontation. In the tradition of Polanski’s classic Knife in the Water, this is an intense character drama interlaced with humor portraying the eternal, never completed quest of seeing and recognizing the other as they are or, at least, as they want to be seen. [Spanish with English subtitles]

Winner: Best Director, Santiago International Film Festival

“Told with humor and artistic flair… explores the struggle to understand and accept those we love.” — Outfest


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Lizzy the Lezzy

I'm Lizzy the Lezzy and I'm out and proud lesbian and atheist! I started my career doing stand up comedy on Youtube, then moved to Facebook where I am now a massive lesbian.

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