Black Gay Dads Featured In Nikon Commercial


Do you remember this pic of the gay dads grooming their daughters in a typical morning routine that I posted back in May 2014? The image went extremely viral at the time, not just on my Facebook page but also on their Instagram and Tumblr sites and all over the web. A picture certainly is worth so much more than a thousand words.

Now the couple from Atlanta, Kordale and Kaleb Lewis, have been featured in part of Nikon’s new ad campaign, “I Am Generation Image”, a new name for the social media savvy who document every moment of their lives. They star in a two-minute video that focuses on their family, with their two beautiful daughters pictured in the viral image and their adorable son. “We just want people to know that, hey, we’re normal. And you can’t judge people on their normal, you really can’t,” Kordale says at the start of the video. “Those kids have our heart.” And after you watch this they’ll all have your hearts as well. And good on you Nikon Cameras.

Update: In a letter to their 187,000 followers on Instagram, Caleb revealed that he and Kordale are “no longer together.” Oh well, break ups happen! Good luck to both of them.


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