Coming Out the Other Side


Making this documentary about gay Mormons and their journey “Coming Out the Other Side” was one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things Maurice Atkin says he has ever done. He was a volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 where he watched a short documentary about Christianity and homosexuality. A director on the panel of a discussion he attended said, “Grab a camera and go out and make a film!”

Something clicked for Atkin: He had a basic camera and was in a life phase where he could jump into a project. He was aware of some wonderful people who had traveled through paths of Mormonism, learning to embrace their sexual identities. As He walked away from the panel he called his acquaintance (now wonderful friend), Steve Lee, and asked if he could come interview him and Lee said, “Of course!” Tom Clark enthusiastically agreed as well and Atkin followed the authenticity and love from there. Changing life circumstances delayed the completion of this film, but Atkins’ love and respect for the participants only grew during that time. He is am an amateur filmmaker and has made an amateur film. The participants and their stories, though, are the real deal.


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