Finn’s Girl


Finn’s Girl: While struggling with raising her deceased partner’s 11-year-old daughter and running an abortion clinic, lesbian doctor Finn attempts to move on with her romantic life by re-entering the dating scene. After she is threatened by anti-abortionists, she begins to develop feelings for the gay policewoman assigned to protect her. Now, Finn learns to love again as her child finds her place in the world.

This acclaimed drama presents a smart, sexy, and suspenseful look into the lives of Dr. Finn Jeffries and her daughter, Zelly. Finn’s life would be busy even without a child – she’s a doctor running a clinic and a single lesbian reentering the dating scene. Meanwhile, 11-year old Zelly’s testing her preteen limits and Finn’s patience daily. But when controversy erupts over the clinic and Finn’s life is threatened, “family” takes on a whole new meaning.

Cast includes Gemini Award Winner Brooke Johnson (Best Actress, Dangerous Offender), Yanna McIntosh (This is Wonderland, Blue Murder) and Maya Ritter (Disney’s Molly, An American Girl).

“Finn’s Girl is an intelligent, well-acted, well-scripted story that wraps a routine crime procedural in matter-of-fact lesbianism of the most graceful kind.” –– East Bay Express

“A provocative balance between suspense and personal drama.” –– Los Angeles Times

“An intelligent juggling of disparate elements including pubescent unrest, single parenting, lesbian widowhood and anti abortion violence… Cardona and Colbert manage to integrate a complicated docket into an involving human drama.” –– Variety


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