Lesbian Has Perfect Response When Homophobes Keyed Her Car With Gay Slurs


Lizzy the Lezzy page member Amber Faust lives in a small, southern town in the US, where she was raised in a strict, evangelical home. Looking back, she now knows she didn’t really begin to understand who she was as an individual until around the age of 27. By that time, she had been married and divorced from two men. Today at 31, she is a mother of a beautiful daughter from her first marriage and an out and proud lesbian.

“I now know why those marriages didn’t make me happy and I understand so many things from my teenage and young adult years that never quite felt ‘right’ or ‘normal’ to me,” said Amber. Amber used to own a car that she’d nicknamed “Betsy” and Betsy had been traded in for a newer version of the exact same model.

“My daughter and I were joking about calling the new car Betsy 2 and decided that wasn’t sexy enough for the sleeker, newer version… so, we called her Lola! She was a showgirl…” Amber joked.

But one morning, Amber awoke to find her beloved car had been scratched and keyed from front to back and the word ‘Dyke’ emblazoned on her back fender. “My Bernie Sanders and Rosy the Riveter bumper stickers were apparently too much for some raging homophobe to overlook!” she told me.

But rather than get upset or offended, Amber was determined not to let this awful experience bring her down and decided to rise above the bigotry and stupidity. Instead of pressing charges and have the police investigate the incident further, she posted a letter of forgiveness on Facebook hoping to reach the person responsible for keying her car, and thought that would be the end of it.

But being a “happy dyke” and sending a forgiving message either didn’t reach the culprits or matter to them, because eleven days later, Lola’s passenger side was keyed with the words ‘Abomination’, ‘God hated gays’ and ‘Hell’. This time however, Amber decided enough was enough and filed a report at the local police station, naively believing they would help her. Unfortunately for Amber, the detectives assigned to her case stated that it wasn’t really a hate crime and that even if it was, they had no leads on Lola’s ‘misfortune’.

Dismayed that the system had failed her, Amber decided to take matters into her own hands. She wanted to be able to look at Lola and be reminded that whatever homophobia or bigotry was thrown at her, she would always be stronger and better than those pathetic, ignorant haters who vandalized her treasured car. Amber came up with a plan fitting for a super strong woman – she provided Lola with an awesome “Wonder Woman” makeover.

“Wonder Woman seemed fitting because I wanted to make a statement but at the same time not take myself too seriously”, she said. “I ordered the vinyl decals online and purposefully left a few of the keyed areas showing. I wanted to be able to look at my car and be reminded that no matter what hate comes my way, I am strong and can rise above it!” she said. “Wonder Woman represents that strong, Amazonian warrior but in a way that’s relatable and quirky – kind of like me!”

Amber has now moved past the whole scratchy story, but she purposefully left a small amount of the keyed areas still showing. “It’s a reminder that I am stronger than anything they throw at me. The scars may be there, but the strength rises to the top!”
Stay strong, Wonder Woman Amber!


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