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Sometimes the comments on my YouTube videos are so stupid that I cannot help myself but to write back. Here’s a selection of letters from Lizzy for your enjoyment. These are real letters I sent to the person in question – so far only one has replied – and thanked me for the message!

JohnRRodgers98 has made a comment on I’M A LESBIAN! ♫:

i dnt understand u lesbians y would u do something like that it is against the bible or any other religion i can think of i dnt understand u female’s philosophy is it the sex or something else

Dear John R Rodgers,

What I dnt understand is people who dnt realize that the bible is a load of codswallop.  Personally, I don’t care if it’s against any religion either since I myself am irreligious and consider religion to be a load of codswallop too.

Perhaps if you read less bible and more educational books, you would learn that being a lesbian is not a philosophy and it’s not all about the sex either (although the sex is great! hehe) Being a lesbian is a part of who a person is – it’s what they feel in their heart. Lesbians are simply women who are attracted to other women. But dnt worry yourself too much, you’re probably not old enough to grasp these simple concepts.

Best regards,


amoukrim has made a comment on I’M A LESBIAN! ♫:


Dear Anas Moukrim,

Regarding the “satan” comment you left on my “I’m a lesbian” video yesterday – I just wanted to tell you that just as the vampires are not real in the Twighlight series, satan is not real either. Satan is merely a made up entity that you have been brainwashed to believe in since childhood. It’s just to make you afraid to be a naughty boy, and to make you god-fearing. So, Anas, I hope you feel better now, knowing that there’s no such thing as satan.

Best regards,

P.S. your name sounds like “anus”!!!!!!!!1 that’s so funny!!!!!1


DementedSquirrel64 has made a comment on HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIPEOUT HOMOPHOBIA ON FACEBOOK!:

I’m homophobic. Hahahaha

Dear Demented Squirrel,

I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear that you describe yourself as homophobic. I assume you have a classic case of social homophobia, which can be rooted in an individual’s fear of being identified as gay, and which is correlated with insecurity about masculinity. Is your dick *that* small?

Or perhaps your homophobia is due to internalized homophobia, which refers to a negative feeling towards yourself, because deep down you know that you are actually gay. Perhaps this turmoil is what’s making you demented.

Whichever it is, I’m glad you are able to laugh at your male insecurities / your own gayness, and openly post about it on my page – what a brave soul you are!

Best wishes,


PaRtAyChIcA933 has made a comment on IT GETS BETTER!:

Haha, Lizzy the Lezzy probably has AIDS

Dear PartayChica,

Thank you for the diagnosis above which you left in my video comments, although I think the chances of me having AIDS are extremely unlikely, since as an out and proud lesbian, I have not engaged in heterosexual sex for at least 20 years. Thankfully, lesbians actually have the lowest rate of HIV infection. More so, since I am a cartoon, I will always be free of contracting AIDS, cancer or any other human disease – unfortunately for you that’s not the case. So when you’re old enough to have sex, be sure to always use a condom, because if you’re unlucky enough to contract AIDS, you certainly won’t be laughing “Haha”.

Anyway, I am so pleased that you spelled my name correctly. I get so angry when people spell my name “Lizzie” with an “ie” and not a “y”!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Best Regards,

PaRtAyChIcA933 has made a comment on IT GETS BETTER!:

Thanks for the message Lizzy! Don’t worry I’ll get them tested first.


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