My little boy likes wearing dresses


Does your little boy love Elsa from “Frozen” as much as anyone? Does your little boy like wearing dresses? He is not alone! Kids aren’t preconditioned to think that certain clothes are for certain genders – but they know what they like – and sometimes young boys want to feel pretty too! Check out these adorable photos of boys who love dressing up as Elsa or like to wear a dress. Letting him wear a dress does not make you a bad parent, it’s just dress up and he’s having fun! Nothing wrong with having a frozen themed Disney party! And maybe he’ll be gay when he grows up or maybe he won’t, but wearing a dress isn’t going to influence that. Stopping him from wearing a dress is not going to change who he is going to grow up to be. Let the kid express himself and enjoy himself!

I think Emily said it best…


Melinda’s son is rockin’ it in purple!


And Kat’s son as Pinkie Pie


Now for the “Elsa Boys”!



Could those Elsa pyjamas look any cuter on him?


Kids n wigs



They all look pretty happy to me


Here we have Elsa & Anna!


And of course a little fairy


And finally, a boy in a dress wouldn’t be complete without pigtails! :)




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