Prayers for Bobby


Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sigourney Weaver stars in this emotional true story about a 1970s religious suburban housewife and mother who struggles to accept her young son Bobby being gay. What happens to Bobby is tragic and causes Mary to question her faith; ultimately this mom changes her views in ways that she never could have imagined. “Prayers for Bobby” tells the story of Mary Griffith, who late in life became a gay rights activist. Her path, however, was an unfortunate one.

Devoutly religious, Mary was confronted with a question of faith when her beloved son Bobby (Ryan Kelley) admitted he was gay. This was in the early eighties, and Mary’s religious education convinced her that the church could cure her son. Feeling guilt and remorse for causing his mother pain and dealing with his true nature as if it were a sin–Bobby battled self loathing and depression. Even having moved away and starting a new life, he couldn’t escape his inner demons. When tragedy struck, Mary eventually had to face her own feelings of culpability and reevaluate everything she had been taught to believe.


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