Ruby Blue


In Ruby Blue, Academy Award winner Bob Hoskins (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) stars as a lonely small-town widower befriended by Josiane Balasko (French Twist). Balasko gives a poignant performance as the neighbor with an unexpected revelation in this complex drama from writer-director Jan Dunn (Gypo).

Jack (Bob Hoskins) is consumed by guilt and past regret. He is hated by his son and abused by local youths. The death of his wife has left him lost and alone in his self-loathing. Hope for Jack arrives in the unlikely form of an eight year-old girl named Florrie (Jessica Stewart) who moves in next door and delights in Jack’s neglected racing pigeons (unwittingly rekindling his own love for the birds). When their glamorous French neighbour, Stephanie (Josiane Balasko) takes pity on him, Jack begins to fall for her charms. But when Florrie goes missing, Jack’s innocent friendship with her is thrown into question. At the same time, as Stephanie shares a long-hidden secret about herself, Jack’s life is thrown into turmoil.

This moving drama also features terrific credits music by KT Tunstall.

“A hard hitting but hopeful British drama with a pared down performance from Bob Hoskins.” – Empire Magazine

“This poignant character study is a real find.” – BBC Movies Online

“A warmly human story about loneliness, love and life in the raw.” – Evening Standard

“Well-written, with strong performances across the board, and a story of hope and connection. MUST SEE.” – Film Queen Reviews

Audience Award Winner: Chicago LGBT Film Festival
Grand Jury Award: Washington DC Independent Film Festival


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