The Birth of Lizzy the Lezzy


Many of you have asked, “How did you come up with the idea of Lizzy the Lezzy?

I was post break-up from a 4 year relationship, depressed and bored with being a flash web designer. I was chatting to an old school friend, Daniel, who suggested I sign up to Myspace. At the time I didn’t even have a clue what Myspace was! Faced with a blank profile and wanting to impress any lesbian ladies who might stumble upon my page, I thought to myself, “What can I do? I’m a lesbian and an animator… I know, I’ll make a lesbian animation!” I googled “lesbian animation” and didn’t find anything. I had no idea what this “lesbian animation” would be, but I knew I needed a lesbian character before anything else, and I drew Lizzy. I gave her some lines to say and a little intro song “I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and I’m out and proud!” I uploaded the video to myspace and searched out a few lesbians to introduce myself – and Lizzy. “Make more!” said the lesbians. So I did. And that’s how the Lizzy the Lezzy series was born. But all of this might never have happened if it hadn’t been for that fateful conversation with Daniel, which you can read below.

03/10/2006  12:03:22  Daniel  how are things with you
03/10/2006  12:04:10  ruth  ok thanks. still a bit bored. need to get a couple of jobs in web stuff or a film of course got any great ideas?
03/10/2006  12:08:03  Daniel  mmm – ideas. how do you network your website
03/10/2006  12:08:31  ruth  word of mouth
03/10/2006  12:08:38  Daniel  ruth  is that enough
03/10/2006  12:08:48  ruth  yeh it’s fine
03/10/2006  12:08:57  Daniel  myspace?
03/10/2006  12:08:57  ruth  but it’s not my dream to be a web designer
03/10/2006  12:09:27  Daniel  what’s the dream
03/10/2006  12:09:44  ruth  well it was to make films. but since i have done that now, it’s become something i’d like to do… but it wasn’t like i found the answer to the meaning of my life. i think i need to rethink.
03/10/2006  12:10:40  Daniel  are we traveling in the same boat. must be an age thing, where people re-evaluate the ideas and zest for life in the 20s has become something different as 40 is a more realistic proposition
03/10/2006  12:12:16  ruth  ooh yes, totally. i’m 38 with little career direction and no wife! total mid life crisis. problem is i’m ready to slow down, not speed up! or worse, start from scratch
03/10/2006  12:13:02  Daniel  that’s tough. But it seems to be a recurring theme with many friends. the dilemma both work and love
03/10/2006  12:13:41  ruth  not really a dilemma when u don’t have either!
03/10/2006  12:14:09  Daniel  try boys – you can cook can’t you?!!
03/10/2006  12:14:20  ruth  hehe yes but i want someone to cook for me! i work at home, don’t get out much. too much alone time
03/10/2006  12:16:58  Daniel  then therein lies the first step – you must change routine , incorporate something new in the day, are there lesbian pubs etc?
03/10/2006  12:18:18  ruth  yes there are pubs – i go. making a film would get me out the house and meeting people, but it’s getting the funding that’s hard
03/10/2006  12:20:18  Daniel  Getting the job is always tough, same when i didn’t have my record, got very low, the thing that inspires is to be around fellow artists where you can talk and be invigorated by the chat of film away from your day to day
03/10/2006  12:20:35  ruth  yes u right. i should hang out more with other filmmakers
03/10/2006  12:20:53  Daniel  get a lecturing post at film school, use the resources. get on myspace
03/10/2006  12:21:17  ruth  what exactly is myspace?
03/10/2006  12:23:16  Daniel  sign up and promote what you do, you will attract ‘friends’ if you use it to network, its free and used by about 100 million people across the world
03/10/2006  12:23:39  ruth  what kind of “friends”?
03/10/2006  12:24:55  Daniel  scroll down my page and see friends, these are people who have linked to my page, or vice versa
03/10/2006  12:24:46  ruth  problem is i cant put any of my films up because of the copyright restrictions
03/10/2006  12:26:10  Daniel  the beauty of it is, your page is connected to 2nd person’s page whose friends then see it
03/10/2006  12:26:26  ruth  yes i see. i gotta get some work up there tho
03/10/2006  12:27:24  Daniel  for music its invaluable networking and now industry standard. give it a go, be open and honest and it will open possibilities for work and romance
03/10/2006  12:27:47  ruth  romance too you think?
03/10/2006  12:28:12  Daniel  why not
03/10/2006  12:28:13  ruth  i suppose i could make a little animation or something. what, u think chicks will write to me?
03/10/2006  12:30:17  Daniel  the frills are good and can be added, get the thing going first. do that this morning and I’ll link with you then put you on my opening page – then see what happens, meanwhile search people you know, it’s very easy and makes sense once you get going, if nothing else it will spark your imagination
03/10/2006  12:31:20  ruth  ok i’ll give it a go
03/10/2006  12:31:57  Daniel  at the top you can search film makers try some names of people you know and get an idea what they are doing on their pages
03/10/2006  12:32:19  ruth  ok. yes just having a look now. i just feel like i need to put something up there
03/10/2006  12:42:59  Daniel  good luck with myspace – should  only take an hour or so :)
Two days later…
05/10/2006  11:25:35  ruth  oooh! someone already added me as a friend! i’m having a bit of a nightmare uploading my video tho. its really slow – and yesterday i just kept getting errors and it never finished. i made a lezzy animation to put up there. just a minute long… but cute i think
05/10/2006  11:35:35  Daniel  can’t wait – is it a boys fantasy?!
05/10/2006  11:35:49  ruth  not quite :)
05/10/2006  11:30:08  Daniel  your pic looks great
05/10/2006  11:30:21  ruth  thanks!
05/10/2006  11:31:21  ruth  have i changed much?
05/10/2006  11:31:52  Daniel  bizarrely not
05/10/2006  11:32:34  Daniel  accept my invite and i’ll put you on on my front page which apparently is a good thing
05/10/2006  11:32:49  ruth  i will when the bloody file has finished uploading!
05/10/2006  11:39:10  Daniel  who is your 1st friend?
05/10/2006  11:39:24  ruth  some guy called tom
05/10/2006  11:39:44  Daniel  he’s on everyone’s
05/10/2006  11:39:55  ruth  some band who added me, “reines girls”. i got all excited, i thought it was a commune of lesbians round the corner!
05/10/2006  11:40:30  Daniel  are they friends
05/10/2006  11:40:59  ruth  no
05/10/2006  11:41:25  Daniel  do you know the band
05/10/2006  11:42:13  ruth  never heard of em!
05/10/2006  11:45:12  Daniel  well any ways its a good thing and lets hope it it is the beginning of new opportunities. If you thank them on the messages on their homepage their friend/contacts become aware of you
05/10/2006  11:45:33  ruth  ok will do
05/10/2006  11:46:02  Daniel  I’ll put one on yours too – its all kind of new and weird to me still
05/10/2006  11:46:13  ruth  ok…
05/10/2006  13:36:20  ruth  hah, this site is really happenin!
05/10/2006  13:36:55  ruth  got a message from some graphic designer
05/10/2006  13:37:05  ruth  only updated it about an hour ago!
05/10/2006  13:46:55  ruth  fuckin ell – another message – i’ll never be bored again! thanks daniel!
05/10/2006  14:48:00  Daniel  that’s great, just had a look at your site, muff muncher is great x
05/10/2006  14:48:07  ruth  hehe ta

So there you go! Without Daniel, Lizzy might never have been born, or rather – drawn… Daniel has since gone on to write a best seller, “The Art of Noise: Conversations with Great British Songwriters” which features 27 of the UK’s finest musicians discussing the magic and revealing the secrets behind their art. Thanks Daniel!


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