The Boob Dilemma


Every so often I come across a picture that I want to post on my Facebook page which I know some people are going to disapprove of and may even cause them to ‘unlike’ the page.  Those posts usually involve images which objectify women in the same way that perhaps straight guys would objectify them, but they’re also images that I think the majority of people in the page will enjoy. The people who’ve joined my page are predominantly women (87%), of which most are presumably lesbians or bisexual women. So the dilemma is this; as a feminist, I don’t want to be responsible for promoting sexism and I’m usually not comfortable posting images with too much female skin showing. But as a lesbian, I do appreciate a nice pair of breasts when I see them! In this case, I found the slogan on the image funny and decided to post it, knowing that it might offend some people.

I kinda wished that the pic wasn’t quite as revealing as it is, if her white vest was a little higher up then I don’t think the dilemma would have been quite as hard – but then would it have garnered such a massive response? The post currently has reached over 2 million people, and while many of the comments are mostly about enjoyment of the image, I caught this one because it had been thumbed up by many people.

This is embarrassing. Seems like something a douche bag boyfriend would say. Not a respectful woman. I see the humor, don’t get me wrong. But come on.

I’m not knocking her, I think she does have a point. Her point is exactly the dilemma I had before I posted it. I would hate it if some sleazy straight guy was leering at my chest. But if I was checking out my girlfriend’s upper half I wouldn’t say I was being disrespectful, I’d say I was being appreciative! And if I see a woman in a lesbian bar who is showing good a bit of cleavage, I can’t help but glance respectfully and appreciate… can you? 😉

So where is the line between being respectful lesbians who appreciate a nice pair of breasts, and being like the sleazy, objectifying straight men whom we despise? Granted, I posted that picture more because I thought it was funny, not because of the great boobs… and they are GREAT… but am I really just a dirty old man trapped in a woman’s body?


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I'm Lizzy the Lezzy and I'm out and proud lesbian and atheist! I started my career doing stand up comedy on Youtube, then moved to Facebook where I am now a massive lesbian.

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