The Truth Will Set You Free


Most mornings I wake up, kiss my girlfriend and go and make us coffee (she makes it on the weekends!) Next, I check my emails and Facebook and I’m often greeted with posts on my wall telling me I’m a sinner, that “sexual temptation is one of the devil’s best weapons against mankind”, but not to worry, it’s not too late and I can still be saved! Hooray!
I’m barely awake as I sip my coffee, roll my eyes and shake my head. My initial reaction is to reply and say, “Oh just piss off, will you?” but I restrain myself. I’ve learned not to take it personally, but no-one should have to read this crap when one has just opened one’s eyes.
“A person is NOT born lesbian…Lizzy…” How does she know?! How can she make a statement like that with such conviction? Does she even know any lesbians? I know how I feel, I know how I felt, growing up with an attraction to women that was out of my control. I know my mate Kate the Straight loves big, sweaty, hairy men in her bed, and that I don’t. I rub the sleep from my eyes.
“You are born into sin…” What an arrogant and nasty thing to say! I was not born into sin! I was just born! The naughtiest thing I ever did as a child was to fill out a postcard with a fake name so I could get a free magazine – and when the saleswoman came to the door and asked for “Miss Quantiquiff” my mother called me downstairs and made me apologize to the nice lady for her wasted house-call. Oh, and there was the time I got told off by a teacher for praying with my gloves on – well the church was bloody freezing! Was this a new commandment that I hadn’t heard of? “Thou shalt not pray to the lord thy god with thy gloves on!” (Perhaps they were mixed fabric?)
“…and need our savior Jesus Christ!” Well, I did try praying to Jesus once…

“I hope you find the truth and the truth will set you free!” Correct! Finally the woman says something that makes sense. You have no idea how good it feels not to be living a lie, or as Ellen Page recently said, “lying by omission”. I have already found my truth, thank you. My truth is that I’m honest with myself and others about who I am and what I feel. I’m free because everybody knows I’m a total lesbian, and I don’t feel like I’m doing anything ‘wrong’ or that I will be punished for it in some imaginary flame-engulfed after-life. Hopefully many of you reading this feel that you are free too. But we are the lucky ones. We know that our LGBT counterparts in some parts of the world do not enjoy that same freedom and we must keep making our voices heard and our presence felt.

People have been complaining about the number of anti-gay comments on the page lately. Facebook says my posts reached over 35 million people this week, so it’s your fault, not mine – it’s because you all keep liking and sharing the posts so much! Thank you all. Our voices are being heard and our presence is indeed being felt…


LOL. Good job, everyone. Good job.

In the end, coffee drunk, I did reply to this woman, as politely as I could, and so did a few other page members who happened to be scouting my wall at the time. I went to ‘like’ one of their comments, and poof – she had deleted the original post! Ba-bye then! See ya later, homo hater!


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I'm Lizzy the Lezzy and I'm out and proud lesbian and atheist! I started my career doing stand up comedy on Youtube, then moved to Facebook where I am now a massive lesbian.

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