What It’s Really Like When Your Daughter Becomes Your Son


In this heartwarming short film entitled “Mom, I’m Not A Girl: Raising a Transgender Child”, Mom of five Jodie Patterson explains what happened when she realized that her child Penelope was transgender. Every time Jodie tried to dress Penelope there was an intense reaction to his body from himself. When Jodie asked Penelope “Why are you so upset, what’s wrong?” Penelope answered, “Because everyone thinks I’m a girl!” and when Jodie reassured Penelope that it was fine to feel whatever they felt, Penelope continued “I don’t feel like a boy, I am a boy!”


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I'm Lizzy the Lezzy and I'm out and proud lesbian and atheist! I started my career doing stand up comedy on Youtube, then moved to Facebook where I am now a massive lesbian.

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